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See German Metalcore Quintet Asinis' Wild New "Victor" Video

Makeup-and-lights-loving outfit unleashes lead single off 'Roots' EP

From the looks of them, you might think that Asinis are made up of the hardest-partying kids at Berlin's biggest EDM festival. But then you hear the German quintet play, and what issues forth isn't electronic music at all but instead shreddy, progressive metalcore, dynamic, technical and adventurous. The free-wheeling, makeup-and-lights-loving outfit is set to release the EP Roots on June 19th via Seek & Strike, and ahead of the big drop, they've teamed with Revolver to unleash its exultant lead single, "Victor," along with the song's colorful music video. Watch and listen above, and check out the group's comments below.

"This song showcases an overall fighting spirit," the band says of the song in a joint statment. "Content-wise, it deals with the appreciation of life and its inevitable defeats everyone has to experience. Defeats are nothing bad because you learn best from them. When you're down, get up, give it all you've got and win! This video was intentionally produced by a studio that has little experience with metal music, in order to achieve an unusual result. Colors and contrasts stand out, many fast cuts make the video look surreal and are supposed to give the viewer the feeling that he is watching something from another world.

"The influences for the instrumental writing are very versatile. We don't adhere to well-known song or style structures. This makes the songs varied and exciting, such as in 'Victor.' The song starts quiet and meditative and then suddenly punches you right in the face. It is important to Asinis that the songwriting is smooth and that at the end there is a coherent and natural concept."