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See Ghost Premiere New 'Prequelle' Songs Live at "Secret" Hollywood Show

Cardinal Copia and Nameless Ghouls unveil "Dance Macabre" and "Faith" at Roxy

Ghost played a surprise show last night (May 5th) at the Roxy in West Hollywood, and led by their latest frontman, Cardinal Copia, debuted two new songs — "Dance Macabre" and "Faith" — from the group's highly anticipated new album, Prequelle, before the lucky and very exclusive audience. The concert was announced just one day in advance, and tickets — priced fittingly at $6.66 — were available at the "Rats on the Strip Pop-Up" store at the venue.

During our in-studio interview with Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge earlier this year, he talked to us about "Dance Macabre." "Europe was in this turmoil in the late 1340s. The plague is extremely fast," he explained. "It starts off as the worst flu you've ever had and then it just goes worse and then you're dead after three days. So people were lying in the streets — corpses and all the surroundings were just falling apart. All the brothels and pubs were thriving because people started partying literally like there was no tomorrow because they were gonna die. They were just going for it. 'Dance Macabre' is capturing that joyous nocturnal sort of life in a disco song."

Ghost played for around 45 minutes at the Roxy, a set that serves as a teaser for the band's imminent Rats on the Road tour. Check out a complete list of dates here, and see the group's full set list from last night below.

Ghost's set list at the Roxy:
1. Rats 
2. Absolution 
3. Ritual 
4. Stand by Him 
5. Cirice 
6. Prime Mover 
7. Faith 
8. From the Pinnacle to the Pit 
9. Dance Macabre 
10. Square Hammer