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See Ghost's Cardinal Copia Goof Off in "Behind the Curtain" Backstage Video

Mini-documentary reveals "more now than we've ever done before!"

"You know the story about Jesus, right?" quips Ghost frontman Cardinal Copia in a recently released behind-the-scenes mini-documentary that gives fans a deeper look into what goes into creating the Swedish band's opulent arena-packing stage show. "How he rode in on an ass? Your mother's ass? Heh?" With a maniacal chuckle while he directs the audience to "take care, have fun," and "smoke pot," then he steps aside. 

The look behind the curtain is a rarity for the group, who are generally deeply secretive about the real-world happenings that go into creating the Ghost mythos, one that inhabits an ever-expanding world of character development, religious blasphemy, oddball antics and, of course, occult-rock smash hits.


Hosted mainly by a nameless man who could be a tour manager or a Ghoul perhaps, the rather amateurishly produced clip takes viewers on a short jaunt around the upper stage area including a look over the back half where the elaborate drum kit and keyboard set-ups spread out over the vast stage. Heading downstairs, the black-clad host shows off the side stage wells containing a plethora of Ghost guitars, all set up and ready to go as needed when the show gets rolling. 

A peek at Copia's current closet pops up, including a side labeled "quick-change" for those on-the-go wardrobe shake-ups happening mid-set. "We like to keep a bit of mystery with Ghost," explains our host. "We try to, as much as people want to know more and more about it." He chuckles lightly to himself as the camera pans across the huge "stained glass" backdrop, and he finishes: "In fact, you're finding out more now than we've ever done before!" 

See the full video above, and catch Ghost as they continue their rampage across North America on their Ultimate Tour Named Death. Find a full list of dates here