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See .gif from god Conjure Dystopian Hellscape in New "possible futures" Video

Channeling pg.99 and Converge, Richmond band's latest runs on futuristic adrenaline

When one of your first releases is a split with Vein, that's not exactly a shabby way to kick off a career. Granted, .gif from god's collaboration with the Massachusetts hardcore heroes came before Vein's transformation into one of the most hyped young heavy-music bands around, but listening back to that 2016 effort, you can definitely sense a bright future for both groups.

Musically, .gif from god create a modern, dystopian-future-obsessed hybrid of hardcore, classic screamo and grind, and considering their background from Virginia, the influence of home state leaders pg.99 shines brightly alongside Converge and others. The group's latest offering is the "possible futures in the minds of children" video, premiering above; the song culled from the approximation_of_a_human LP due via Prosthetic on September 27th. Against a shadowy backdrop, the clip features the Richmond band swaying in and out of view, offering fleeting glimpses of the dueling vocalists, wildly impressive instrumental prowess and tightly wound brutality. Tons of cabling and wires are seemingly everywhere in the video, bringing to mind the reams of tape in Nine Inch Nails' classic "Head Like a Hole" clip and hammering home the collective's dystopian vision. Check it out above, and check out the band's statement about the song and video, as well as their upcoming tour dates, below.

"Extinction is imminent.



 PRINT(CØNGRADULATIØNS!!! Plug up yr new flesh and digitize that outmoded misery bag cause old world cold world go bye bye die die. Ship leaving in [000000023] [000000022] oooops! yr stuck on the ol conveyor belt. Big trick by the rich boy! wave byebye to [REDACTED]. 

Yr accounts in the red. Deficit of one (1) blood cell per article of plastic consumed by [USERNAME]. u liek cake?? cuz u baked a big one. time 2 take a bite!!

[now that we have your attention} 

'possible futures in the minds of children' is, in essence, a song about the dire fate awaiting us all. Sea levels are rising, the atmosphere is being pumped full of toxic pollutants and (un)natural disasters strike with increasing severity and frequency disproportionately effecting people of color, largely due to the catastrophic effects of western colonialism, industrialization and capitalism. 

Meanwhile the US government criminalizes, dehumanizes and exploits immigrants, indigenous populations, refugees and citizens of color who bare the brunt of the consequences that these practices create. The powers that be are sucking the world dry in front of our eyes. All capitalists and the police forces that serve them are parasites, and will never care about or notice the innate misery and destruction caused by their power-hungry excess. They will continue to seek gain at the expense and detriment of others until they are stopped or until the world is dead. 

This song is a reminder that there is no action without consequence.  The practices perpetrated by the forces of capitalist greed and white supremacy are nothing short of violence. The climate destruction that their empire has caused is violence, complacency with these powers is violence, and this violence will be met with an inevitably appropriate response. Stand down or watch the fuck out, because once the shit hits the fan, we're all getting dirty. 

The video for this song was created by current film student, DIY organizer, and friend of the band, Imogen Alsheskie, filmed in the basement of Circle Thrift and Art Space in Richmond, Virginia, and featuring various shots of nature reclaiming the city's decaying, neglected infrastructure.

This message has been brought to you by the .gfg hivemind.

/end transmission"

.gif from god tour dates:
October 16: Richmond, VA / The Canal Club - w/ The Number 12 Looks Like You
October 17: [redacted]
October 18: Greenville, NC 
October 19: Athens, GA  
October 20: Orlando, FL - w/ c0mputer
October 21: Tampa, FL - w/ c0mputer
October 22: Gainesville, FL  - w/ c0mputer
October 23: Atlanta, GA  - w/ WVRM
October 24: Birmingham, AL  - w/ WVRM
October 25: Baton Rouge, LA  - w/ WVRM
October 26: Houston, TX  - w/ WVRM
October 27: Austin, TX  - w/ WVRM
October 28: Denton, TX  - w/ WVRM​​​​​​​
October 29: Little Rock, AR  - w/ WVRM​​​​​​​
October 30: TBA - w/ WVRM​​​​​​​
October 31: Louisville, KY - w/ WVRM 
November 1: Cincinnati, OH  - w/ Malevich​​​​​​​
November 2: Pittsburgh, PA  - w/ Malevich
November 3: Philadelphia, PA 
November 4: Baltimore, MD