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See Glaare's Sensual, Psychedelic Video for "Terminator 2"

NSFW visual sees gothic post-punks performing during nightmarish drag show

Glaare are an L.A. band who make a stylized breed of low-light post-punk with heavy overtones of goth and darkwave. Their sophomore album, Your Hellbound Heart, arrived back in the spring, and its third track is a steamy cut called "Terminator 2" that boasts taut drum machine thwacks and heavenly crooning from frontwoman Rachael Pierce. 

Today (July 23rd), we're proud to premiere its NSFW music video that gives the sensual song a nightmarishly carnal visual accompaniment. Stationed in some type ritzy yet unsettling penthouse, the band are seen performing while drag queens strut in the shadows of neon lights, and an array of freaky, masked figures party with a malevolent swagger. 

It's unclear what, if anything, the video has to do with the song's titular reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi classic — in fact, it feels more akin to a scene out of a Darren Aronofsky film like Black Swan or Requiem for a Dream. Regardless, it's a titillating spectacle in its own right. Peep it above via YouTube. 

Your Hellbound Heart is out now via Weyrd Son Records, and you can snag vinyl, CD and merch here