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See Gojira's Epic New Video for "The Chant"

Cinematic clip examines plight of refugee children from Tibet

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It's finally here. Today (April 30th), Gojira dropped their long-awaited new album, Fortitude, the instant leading contender for 2021 Album of the Year. The LP is stacked with characteristically hard-hitting progressive metal ragers, but one of its many highlights sees the French quartet exploring previously uncharted melodic territory. Released as a single earlier this week, "The Chant" is a self-described "healing ritual" the builds slowly and meditatively to a harmony-stacked chorus that evokes ancient hymnals. The song's new music video arrived today alongside the album, and it's fittingly epic. Written and conceived by the band's own Joe Duplantier and directed by Russell Brownley, the cinematic visual was filmed on location in India's West Bengal region and focuses on the plight of refugee children from Tibet who fled their homeland in an attempt to preserve their culture following China's 1949 invasion of the country.

The group's frontman Joe Duplantier discusses "The Chant" in the Gojira cover story of our new Spring Issue, in which he's interviewed by Code Orange's Jami Morgan. "For me, it's a mantra," Duplantier says. "I'm addressing the stars, or distant planets, or alien consciousness and my fellow humans. I'm very sensitive to all indigenous traditions,and the mantra, the age of the mantra, is very powerful. You bow to life and to the light, and you just put something out there and it's super powerful."

Watch their funny and insightful conversation in full below.