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See Gojira's Mario Duplantier Play Epic New Drum Composition "Movement"

Mind-blowing solo inspired by these "uncertain times"

The world has been a tense place lately, and Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier found a creative way to release so much of the uncertainty and anxiety that we're all collectively feeling. The French percussionist has released a new drum-only composition called "Movement" that's essentially one long, utterly mind-blowing drum solo that's been professionally recorded and posted on his YouTube page. On Instagram, he also shared a message about the inspiration behind the performance. 

"'Movement' is a drum composition I wrote recently," Duplantier wrote. "The ocean has been very agitated recently, causing strong swells that disrupt the calmness of the water. The horizon is less visible, hidden by the waves. The world is in motion. Everything is constantly accelerating and decelerating. During these uncertain times, we sway, we dance with the movement, and try to hang on."

A couple years back, our readers voted Duplantier one of the five greatest drummers of all time, so trust us and them when we say you need to watch the action go down above via YouTube.