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See Grandma Crush Rob Zombie's "Dragula" at Karaoke

Elderly woman gives amazing performance of industrial-metal classic

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Remember kids, you're never too old to dig through ditches, burn through witches, or even slam in the back of a Dragula. In a newly-viral YouTube video, an elderly woman is seen belting out an absolutely killer rendition of Rob Zombie's "Dragula" at a local karaoke night. It fucking rules. 

Originally uploaded to YouTube in September 2020 but resurfaced by Loudwire earlier today, the minute-and-a-half-long clip features a woman who appears to be in her golden years nailing every word, note and vocal inflection of the 1998 industrial-metal standard. Self-identified in the comments as Pamela Willis Martin, the rockin' old-timer is clearly of grandma age, and she delivered the amazing performance while seated at a barstool as younger fans excitedly headbang and jump around her table. 

As it turns out, this isn't Martin's first time at the mic. A completely separate YouTube video, which was uploaded by a different account a couple days after this one, shows her nailing the same song during another night on the town. Her outfit looks even more grandmotherly in that one, and she once again kills the tune while staying seated the whole time. 

Watch the the first one above and the other one below via YouTube.