See Grave Pleasures Inspire Graveyard Dance Party in "Joy Through Death" Video | Revolver

See Grave Pleasures Inspire Graveyard Dance Party in "Joy Through Death" Video

Finnish death rockers unveil playful visual ahead of upcoming album 'Motherblood'

Finnish death-rock outfit Grave Pleasures are set to release their new album Motherblood on September 29th. Today, they've premiered a playful music video for its track "Joy Through Death." Directed by David Fitt, the glossy visual stars Eva Dereta as a young woman with a penchant for dancing on other's peoples graves – literally. Following an encounter with a mysterious old man, our heroine pops in a Grave Pleasures cassette and proceeds to get footloose in the cemetery, strutting through rows of headstones and shadowboxing in front of sobbing statuettes; by video's end, everyone else in the graveyard's getting down as well. It's no "Thriller," but it's close. Check it out now.

Just like the "Joy Through Death" video, Motherblood finds Grave Pleasures examining life's morbid truths through a whimsical, romantic lens. Frontman Mat McNerney detailed the album's themes in a recent interview with Revolver. "I think everyone's starting to realize that we're not really safe and we never really have been," he said. "You have these leaders, and our lives are in their hands. So nuclear fear becomes the fear of ourselves, in a nutshell — and it's those things about ourselves that we try to escape from that end up defining us. If you accept them, I think you come to a certain sense of peace. If you come to accept death, you'll be at peace with it and you'll start to enjoy life more. So that's the positive message behind the band — the Grave and the Pleasures. It's the idea of: 'Come dance with us while the whole shithouse goes up in flames.'"