See Grimes Debut New Industrial-Goth Song "We Appreciate Power" Live on 'Fallon' | Revolver

See Grimes Debut New Industrial-Goth Song "We Appreciate Power" Live on 'Fallon'

Singer performs blindfolded alongside collaborator Hana for 'Tonight Show' appearance

Art-pop weirdo Grimes took her new industrial-esque banger "We Appreciate Power" to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for the single's live debut. Joining her was collaborator and best friend Hana, a singer, songwriter and record producer from Billings, Montana. The duo were backed by white-spandex–clad dancers acting out scenes similar to those seen in the song's sci-fi lyric video while atop a rotating platform.

Grimes began the performance on the floor, blindfolded while she manipulates her signature intricate setup before moving about the stage and around the instruments for a spirited routine. Strobe lights and futuristic weaponry used in the choreography add a theatrical element to the presentation, making for a strange and fun live introduction to the singer's first solo material in three years. 

The militaristic salutes and uniform appearances of the foursome add a robotic, militaristic element. Ending on a synchronized floor pose held even through Fallon's end comments, the performance hints at a thematic shift for Grimes on upcoming record. Though she's hinted at track names and even potentially two forthcoming full-lengths, no release date has been announced as of now.