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See Grindpunk Trio Cloud Rat's Insane New Animated Video

Closet Witch's Cory Peak crafts "chaotic" clip for hypercaffeinated ripper "Zula"

In September, Michigan trio Cloud Rat dropped Pollinator, the group's kaleidoscopic fourth full-length in a prolific 10-year career that has seen them also release 11 EPs and splits and a live album, as well as make numerous compilation appearances. Fusing elements of punk, grindcore, black metal and more into their furious, emotive sound, the band were recently tapped by curator Emma Ruth Rundle to play the 2020 edition of Roadburn, an ideal showcase for their forward-thinking, boundary-pushing oeuvre. "Our mission is to connect with people and make them feel something and, hopefully, inspire folks to exercise their minds a bit, too," guitarist Rorik Brooks has said. "I think music is magick, and it's always interesting to cast little spells out there and see what happens, how music can affect others' moods and imaginations and thoughts."

Today, October 25th, comes the latest bit of that magick: a synapse-frying, outsider-art animated video for Pollinator standout "Zula," which the band has teamed with Revolver to premiere. Created by Closet Witch's Cory Peak, the rough-hewn clip traces a bewildering series of transformations that spiral along with the hyperactive track. "We've been thinking about doing music videos for years, yet keep ho-humming about concepts and budgets and how we agree that videos are often corny anyways," Brooks says. "However, I've always thought that doing an animated video could be really cool. Our friend Cory did a killer video for the song 'Moonstomp' by his band Closet Witch, whom we love forever. I think we talked about him working on a similar video for Cloud Rat while we were both pretty lit at Northwest Terror Fest earlier this year, so when he sent us a nearly complete version it took me by surprise. 'Zula' is one of the most grindy tracks on the record, and I think the chaotic style Cory has going on really lends itself well to it, both sonically and thematically." Watch above and see Cloud Rat's upcoming live dates below.

Cloud Rat live dates:
April 2020 - Tilburg, NL @ Roadburn Festival
May 2020 - Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest