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See Gwar Stop Show to Help Fan Find Prosthetic Leg

"If anybody's got a fake leg out there, send it this way 'cause this guy needs his fucking leg"
GWAR 2021 PRESS onstage

Gwar shows are notorious for various bodily parts (and fluids) ending up where they shouldn't be, but those instances of dismemberment and discharge usually happen to the gigantic creatures who are performing on the stage. However, at a recent Gwar show in L.A., it was a member of the crowd who ended up losing a limb — well, kind of. 

As TMZ initially reported, a man named Baron Vidar was crowdsurfing during Gwar's set last week when he suddenly lost his prosthetic leg in the sea of Bohab hands. After being stranded at the front barricade for a little bit, he managed to get the attention of the band, and guitarist Beefcake the Mighty addressed the room to see if anyone had his artificial limb. 

"If anybody's got a fake leg out there, or got an extra fake leg, send it this way cause this guy needs his fucking leg," the Gwar member strapped in full battle gear grunted to the crowd.

As seen in video of the incident that the band posted on Instagram, someone in the crowd quickly holds up Vidar's leg, and the whole room cheers as it gets passed up to the man who's seen balancing on the barricade next to security. From there, the show continues like nothing happened, but it was one of those hilariously magical concert moments that we're lucky to be able to relive via video. Check it out below.