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See Gwar Unleash 'Ren & Stimpy' Meets 'Mad Max' Insanity in New Animated Video

Scumdog shock rockers share hilarious clip for "Viking Death Machine" from 2017's 'The Blood of Gods'

Performance art shocker rockers and long-running heavy metal collective Gwar have released another hilarious piece of work into their already extensive catalog. The video for "Viking Death Machine" is an animated acid trip featuring Ren & Stimpy-esque characters drag racing to a finish line straight out of the post-apocalyptic desert hellscape like that in Mad Max.

Once the winners in the group overcome their obstacles and leave the other madcap cartoon creatures in their Technicolor dust, none other than Oderus Urungus (R.I.P. Dave Brockie) appears in the sky, throwing the metal horns toward the champion racers. In signature Gwar style, the clip is over-the-top, funny, and ultimately a touching homage to their fallen frontman.

Current Gwar vocalist Blothar says, "Humans, are you ready to ride the 'Viking Death Machine'? Our latest video is a faithful animated schlockumentary depicting my harrowing, blood-drenched defeat of the Load Warriors and the other denizens of Saturday morning raceway hijinks, including all of my fellow bandmates in GWAR. I am delighted to take my rightful place as the King of Cartoon Violence, and champion of the first annual Suck-It-Up-Butter Cup! Watch the video now! It'll make you shit." Check out the clip above, and catch Gwar on their current U.S. tour on one of these dates

In 2017, Revolver met up with Gwar at Warped Tour's San Diego and Pomona, California, stops to chronicle the (very NSFW) madness, from bloody showers to presidential assassinations in effigy. Watch the madness below: