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See 'Hellraiser' Parody of Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box"

'Pinhead' rocks Layne Staley's sunglasses in comedic remake

According to numerous interviews with the late Layne Staley, Alice in Chains' megahit, "Man in the Box," was supposedly written about the idea of government censorship. But what if it was actually written about Pinhead, the antagonist of the beloved Hellraiser horror movie franchise? Well, that version exists. 

In a 2020 rendition of by the comedic rock act, The Merkins, the band transform the 1990 grunge-metal track into a song about the woes of The Hell Priest himself. Except in this version, which is presented with a hilarious remake of the original "Man in the Box" music video, Pinhead is rocking Staley's iconic sunglasses and a leather biker jacket. 

"Hell, hell, hell," the Merkins frontman recites in a dead-on interpretation of Staley's iconic moan during the song's intro. "I'm the man in the box / Scary with my pins."

It's that sort of goofery, but the band really nailed AIC' signature sound, and the video is shot and edited with the same effects as the official one. Watch it above via YouTube.