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See Ho99o9 Singer Jump in Mosh Pit Naked at Wild Berlin Show

Eaddy got up-close and personal with fans in Germany
ho99o9 GETTY 2018, Paul Bergen/Redferns
Ho99o9, 2018
photograph by Paul Bergen/Redferns

In an age when genuine rock & roll wild men are increasing hard to find, Eaddy — one of rap-punk duo Ho99o9's take-no-prisoners frontmen — has raised his hand. Or perhaps it was another body part. At a recent show in Berlin, Germany, the vocalist stripped down to his birthday suit and took a little skinny dip right into the mosh pit. Remarkably, fans there seemed to welcome the very naked and very sweaty singer among them, and instead of parting to make space for the nude crazy guy in their midst, of anything, the crowd took its intensity to another level, bouncing, body-slamming and crowdsurfing with increased abandon.

Ho99o9 are currently on tour in Europe in support of their 2018 Cyber Cop EP, joined by fellow electronic-rock provocateur Plack Blague. They shared footage of Eaddy's naked pit foray on Instagram — check it out below. Later this spring, the group is set to hit the road in North America with Ghostemane; no word yet on whether attendees of those shows can expect a similarly full-bodied experience.

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