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See Industrial-Rap Duo Ho99o9 Get Morbid in Gritty New "Mega City Nine" Video

Hip-hop punk act also drops new 'Cyber Cop' merch along with clip from latest EP

Taken from their November 2019 EP Cyber Cop, industrial hip-hop duo Ho99o9 are back with a new video featuring a gritty VHS look, spooky nighttime aesthetics and after-dark activities, and even a brief Ice-T cameo as the two pose with the iconic rapper for a quick snapshot. 

Complementing the track's sinister but infectious vibe, the clip highlights theOGM and Eaddy's uniquely creepy approach to horrorcore with its neon green-lit nighttime look and found-footage style composition. Models in latex and fur give a hard-edged glam look to the scene, and quick bits of live footage throughout shows the New Jersey–based pair going nuts onstage to the thrill of an amped-up audience. The professionally shot scenes scattered in see the two in different contexts, from what appears to be a house party with a hellish atmosphere to a quick glance behind-the-scenes at a tattoo parlor. 

The hodgepodge look at Ho99o9's everyday life combined with a stylized representation of what they're about, "Mega City Nine" is an interesting peek into the workings of the group's creative minds. Inspired by this comes a full line of new merch that includes the "Cyber Cop" tee, hoodie and hat, and the '"Internet Thuggin'" tee, all featuring a specific cyber retro-futuristic late-Nineties feel. See the video in full above, and head to Ho99o9's offiical merchandise store to snatch your own piece of the goods. 

Ho99o9 Cyber Cop T-shirt

Below, see what other insanity theOGM and Eaddy get up to on the road in our exclusive Ho99o9 tour doc: