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See Insane Golf Cart Circle Pit at Recent Exodus Show

Things got wild at thrash band's Full Terror Assault set over the weekend
Exodus Golf Cart Circle Pit

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Things got crazy as hell at a recent Exodus show. During the thrash pioneers' set at Full Terror Assault festival this past weekend (September 11th), the mosh pit was visited by some four-wheeled friends: golf carts. Multiple golf carts. Driving around in circle pit formation in the middle of the band's performance. It looked glorious. 

As Exodus bandleader Gary Holt shared in an Instagram caption along with video of the pit in question, it seemed like the festival in Cave-in-Rock, IL, is known for rowdy golf cart behavior, so once they kicked into their 1989 fan-favorite "Toxic Waltz," they personally requested that all caddy cruisers made their way into the scrum. 

In the high-quality video Holt posted, you can see fans climbing on top the carts, leaping off of the carts, pushing the carts while moshing and just generally causing utter mayhem with the carts while the band ripped through "Toxic Waltz."

It looks like something out of a staged music video, but it actually happened in real-life! See the footage below via Instagram for a heavy dose of fomo.