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See Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Curse out Fan for Lighting Flare at Show

Crowd member interrupted concert with smoky distraction during "The Number of the Beast"

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is famously fearless when it comes to confronting anyone who stands in his way of putting on one of the world's finest shows. He flexed that skill yet again in Athens, Greece, on Saturday night (July 16th) when a fan lit a flare in the crowd, billowing smoke that the singer apparently thought would hinder his ability to perform.

While launching into "The Number of the Beast," Dickinson follows the lyric What did I see? with a colorful answer: "A cunt with a fucking flare. I've got to sing up here, you fucking cocksucker. You Greek cunt! I've got to fucking sing, all right? Fuck you!"

You can hear the full tirade in the fan-filmed video above.

As seen in the clip below, Dickinson leaves the stage briefly while the rest of the band continues before returning a short while later and finishing the tune off-time, unable to get back in sync after the frustrating distraction.

The band went on to thank Athens on Twitter, not acknowledging the event but simply posting a few crowd shots with hashtags like #LegacyOfTheBeastWorldTour and #KillerKontent. Fans responded with mixed feelings, some sending messages of support and appreciation, while others like user @DimiDimiV1 below, had other sentiments.

Let's hope Bruce and the boys have better luck when they hit North America starting on September 11th in El Paso, TX. Find the full list of dates here.