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See Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Drag Unruly Fan Offstage by Neck

Singer was not amused by horns-flashing interloper who interrupted "Aces High"

While there're certain genres of music where it's custom for the audience to share the stage with the band, Iron Maiden is not one of those bands. But that didn't stop one rascally Maiden fan from scurrying up onstage during a recent performance and goofing around up there until frontman Bruce Dickinson dragged him off the platform by the neck of his shirt. 

The incident went down during a September 22nd Maiden show at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The NWOBHM titans were finishing off their glorious set with fan-favorite "Aces High," when suddenly a boisterous hesher leaped up in front of the vocalist and flashed the devil horns while whipping his hair around like a maniac. 

After a few seconds of interrupting the set, Dickinson grabbed the guy by the arm and tried to lead him to the back of the stage, all while continuing to sing. However, the fan quickly wrangled his way out of Dickinson's grip and continued wiggling around like one of the guys from Wayne's World. It didn't take long for Dickinson to become fed up, so he gripped the man's shirt collar and yanked him back to security like a 1950s schoolteacher punishing a mischievous little scamp.

It's entertaining to watch the fan-shot footage, not just because the guy managed to get up there for an impressively long period of time, but because the band don't miss a note while Dickinson is playing bouncer and guitarist Janick Gers can't stop laughing. 

Watch video above and below via YouTube.