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See Jason Momoa Live "Childhood Dream" Backstage at Slayer, Anthrax Show

Khal Drago partied with thrash OGs in Budapest, Hungary
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At a recent Slayer and Anthrax show in Budapest, Hungary, esteemed lifelong metalhead and Aquaman himself Jason Momoa crashed the party backstage for a long night of drinking and hilarious photo-taking with his "idols" in the bands. Captioning his extensive Instagram coverage of the event, "love metal so much fire it was one of the greatest shows of my life childhood dream," a clearly stoked Momoa documented the night through a series of Instagram stories featuring side-stage footage of each band performing and tons of short clips where he goofs around with the musicians. 

It wasn't just the hunky fanboy having all the fun, though — the bands' members, including Gary Holt, Kerry King and his wife Ayesha, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, and more — got in on the action and posted their own snapshots from their evening of drinking with Khal Drago. "When #KhalDrogocomes to your show," enthused Benante, "you immediately go into @gameofthronestalk!"

The admiration seemed very mutual among the newfound friends, who shared sentiments like Holt's declaration that Momoa is the "Coolest dude on EARTH!!!" 

Earth is exactly what the actor was concerned with when he recently starred in a funny anti-plastic-bottle PSA wearing a Pantera shirt, knocking the single-use items out of drinkers' hands while repping the Texas metal outfit. Last year, he opened up about how Metallica and Tool served as inspiration for his character in Aquaman, announcing, "I know no one thinks that, but Aquaman's metal. I kind of build my characters off of metal songs." See below for more pics from the heavy metal fanatic's night out with his heroes. 

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