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See Jay Weinberg's Dog React to New Slipknot Mask

Papaya the Brussels Griffon was not having the drummer's disturbing new visage
Jay Weinberg's Dog

Over the weekend, Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg unveiled his horrifying new mask in a cryptic Instagram post before making it official by rocking it onstage during his band's headlining set at Knotfest Los Angeles. Similar to the fresh visage that Corey Taylor surprise-revealed back in September, the thing genuinely looks freaky as hell, and Weinberg's dog, Papaya, seems to agree.

In a new Instagram post published on his personal page (Papaya has a pretty significant Instagram following of her own), Weinberg shared a video reaction of his year-and-a-half-old Brussels Griffon pup interacting with his mask for the first time.

While it was lying on the hardwood floor of his house, the adorable dog anxiously skittered around the face covering, cautiously sniffing and inspecting it while jumping back every few seconds in fear of being swallowed up by its black eye sockets and torn-up mouth. Papaya can be heard letting out a few worried "arf"'s and running away at various points, particularly when Weinberg lifts up the mask and walks toward her direction.

So far the fan feedback on the new mask seems to be very postitive, but who reallty cares? Papaya's spooked reaction is the only one that truly matters. See the full video below.