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See Jesus Piece Drummer Play With Charli XCX on 'SNL'

Luis Aponte of hardcore crushers backed up major pop star on late night TV

Over the weekend, a prominent member of the hardcore scene was given a nationally televised spotlight. Luis Aponte, drummer of Philly metallic hardcore slammers Jesus Piece, served as Charli XCX's live drummer when she performed as the musical guest on March 5th's episode of Saturday Night Live. Aponte was originally slated to play with the world-renowned pop star back in December of 2021, but the appearance was postponed due to SNL reinforcing their COVID-19 studio restrictions due to a surge in cases. 

Thankfully, it finally happened a couple days ago, and although he wasn't cranking out double-bass breakdowns, Aponte's performance was killer — and it's objectively cool as fuck to see a heavy musician entering the mainstream purview in such a way. He performed with Charli — who's been a cult-adored, experimental-minded pop singer throughout the last decade — for two songs, "Baby" and "Beg For You," that will both appear on her upcoming album, Crash

Watch the show go down above and below via YouTube and see Aponte's thankful Instagram post to mark the special occasion.