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See Jinjer Dig Graves, Dance Through Snow in Haunting New "Perennial" Video

Singer Tatiana Shmailyuk embodies extreme duality of Ukrainian metal act's sound

Ahead of their EP release tomorrow, January 11th, Ukrainian metalcore act Jinjer have released a video for "Perennial," and it features singer Tatiana Shmailyuk exploring the duality of the vocal approach in a literal, visual sense. 

Starting in what appears to be a Lizzie Borden-inspired setting, Shmailyuk is seen in an old-timey dressing gown, braiding her hair in an antique vanity mirror before grabbing some heavyweight tools to head outside and start digging. Shifting to the band performing the track, the viewer sees a much more modern scene, and the singer's clothing and hairstyle represent a much more contemporary look and feel, along with the obvious electricity not shown in the candlelit cabin bit. 


Quick jumps and harsh lighting mimic the aggressive segues in the track before everything shifts and Shmailyuk, just a second ago clawing her way through dirt, is pictured in a serene, snowy setting in the woods. Her fingers now trace the hem of a puritanical cream-colored gown, and she begins to lilt through the wooded, brightly lit area as the music flows into a melodic passage. The duality of the band's sound continues following this back-and-forth, and the scenes begin to overlap until the end when she buries herself in the grave she's dug. 

Jinjer's Micro is officially out tomorrow on Napalm Records. Order a copy here, and find a full list of upcoming European tour dates alongside Amorphis and Soilwork on the band's Facebook