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See Jonathan Davis Record "Dark World-Music/Gothic" Solo Song "Basic Needs"

Korn frontman celebrates release of 'Black Labyrinth' LP by kicking off making-of video series

Jonathan Davis' first-ever solo album, Black Labyrinth, has officially landed. Per the LP's parapsychological themes, the Korn singer's celebrating the release by leading 20 fans in a sensory deprivation experience known as the Ganzfeld Experiment, which is commonly used to test ESP. But that's not all: He's also launched "Through the Black Labyrinth," a 13-part video series that takes a deep dive into the recording sessions for each cut. Episode One, which we're premiering today (May 25th), chronicles the making of lead single "Basic Needs," a track which — between its prominent use of Indian and Japanese folk instruments and raga singing — testifies strongly to Black Labyrinth's emphasis on risk-taking.

"I don't remember writing it," says Davis, discussing "Basic Needs" from the studio chair. "It just kind of came about. It's definitely got the dark world-music/gothic vibe, but that's just for me, what I'm inspired by. I love bands like Bauhaus, I love Peter Murphy, I love Dead Can Dance ... I loved all of these different kinds of band when I was growing up, and that's just what [came] out of me."

Look out for new episodes of "Through the Black Labyrinth" over the coming days. Below, check out a teaser video for the Black Labryrinth album including clips of every song.