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See Josh Homme's Satanic Ritual Go Wrong in Funny 'Desert Sessions' Trailer

Turns out you can't actually summon the devil with LED candles in a storage room

Josh Homme might be the king of cool when he's strutting, crooning and strumming as the frontman for Queens of the Stone Age or leading an eclectic gathering of talents to musical heights with his infamous Desert Sessions, but in a new trailer promoting the latest edition of the latter, he reminds us all that he's also still really fucking goofy. 

A red-lit room and two robed figures appear on screen in the beginning, including the lumbering Homme in a crushed velvet hooded cloak. He slices his hand to offer blood to the altar set up in order to invoke the power of Satan, but as he's grasping the wound and whispering, "Ouch, ouch," two folks bust in on the ritual and shed light on how hilarious the whole scene looks once stripped of its darkened ambience and gloomy mood music.

The interrupting parties ask what's going on, and Homme and his horned cohort quip back, "It's a promo ... uh, Desert Sessions 11 & 12? Promo."

Seeming unconvinced, the two un-robed characters seem dubious and ask, "Are those LED candles?" They accuse Homme of holding a ritual and make a beeline for the door as the ginger singer clicks the candles off with a remote and whispers, "Shit" with his head down. As the two skeptics leave the room, Homme's face morphs into that of a possessed demon and his hellish voice rings out, "Bye! Call you later!" 

Desert Sessions 11 & 12 are due out on October 25th. You can pre-order the recording here, desecrated souls not included.