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See Josie Pace, IAMX's Sammi Doll Team in New "Perfect Replacement" Video

Electronic-rock anthem is about "how everyone puts on some sort of 'mask'"

Detroit's Josie Pace specializes in hooky, dancefloor-ready electronic rock, drawing influence from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and IAMX. That last band recently lent her one of its members, keyboardist Sammi Doll (also the vocalist of Bullet Height) for the single "Perfect Replacement" — it's available now via Bandcamp — and today (January 17th) Pace has unveiled the song's high-octane music video, which also features Doll. Watch it above.

"Whenever I write songs, no matter what it turns out to be, I always write as from a personal place," Pace says. "They revolve around feelings and experiences that I have that I feel like people can relate to in their own way. 'Perfect Replacement' is about how everyone puts on some sort of 'mask' — whether it be to hide a part of themselves or just to put away certain emotions to get through the day. Unfortunately, sometimes it can feel like the people around you enjoy the 'mask' more than the range of emotions people are. They enjoy the 'perfect replacement.' Everyone at some point or another feels like they are the only one experiencing these feelings. But if we're being honest with ourselves, we all feel or have felt that way before ... 

She continues, "When I had first started working with Ken Roberts and Mark Damian, we went to see IAMX at The Shelter in Detroit. We stood right in front of Sammi Doll for the whole show. Being inspired by their music and style, we thought it would be a perfect fit for Sammi to sing on the track with me. We sent an email to Sammi Doll asking about the collaboration and were pleasantly surprised with her enthusiasm and willingness to sing on the track with me. She has become a close friend to the whole Josie Pace team and I love being able to work with another female powerhouse performer."

The feeling is mutual, according to Doll. "Getting to work with Josie on this song and video was a wild experience," she tells Revolver. "She manifested that one day she would work with me, and she made it so! It was a no brainer — she is filled with such passion and conviction. It was great to share the front-lady duties with such a dynamic performer."

The two will share those duties live onstage tomorrow, January 18th, when they perform "Perfect Replacement" together during Pace's show at Bar Sinister in L.A.