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See Judas Priest Play "Killing Machine" Live for First Time in 40 Years

Rob Halford and Co. dust off 1978 classic in epic fashion

Judas Priest may have gotten some bad news earlier in the week when their tour partner Ozzy Osbourne dropped off a few dates (which will be rescheduled) because of a "bad case of the flu," but Rob Halford and the gang more than made up for it, bringing out the big guns at a Parisian show on Sunday, January 27th, and performing "Killing Machine" for the first time since the song and album of the same name were released in 1978.

Hunkered down and leathered up, Halford commanded the stage as he always does through the run-through, which, while a throwback moment, displayed a band experiencing a real renaissance in the wake of their stellar latest album Firepower. Priest are nearly a year into their world tour in the support of the record, which began after the release of the album on March 9th, 2018. While the makeup dates with Ozzy are yet to be scheduled, the influential NWOBHM band has plenty to keep them busy with a full tour of Europe and some African dates lined up before they head back to North America in early May. Check a full list of dates here.

Below, see Rob Halford share hilarious stories and insights about classic Judas Priest photos by Ross Halfin: