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See Kat Von D Smash Shit in Badass "Fear You" Video

Entertainment extraordinaire takes her bandmates on a special trip

Kat Von D has already had quite a career in the entertainment industry. From her work as a tattoo artist on the show LA Ink and various other TV, movie and video-game cameos, to the creation of a vegan makeup line, Von D has a formidably diverse portfolio. 

In addition to all of those pursuits, the 39-year-old has always been hanging around the music industry in one way or another, and earlier this year she decided to leap into the game herself. Her debut album, Love Made Me Do It, is set to arrive next week, and today we're proud to premiere the totally badass music video for one of its excellent singles, "Fear You"

Sound-wise, Von D's music sits squarely in the goth/synthwave world, and "Fear You" is a great showcase of her sonic talents. Over blinking synths, a snaky bassline and industrialized drums, Von D belts with a commanding coolness that would suggest she's been making this kind of thing for a solid decade longer than she has. 

As Von D explains in a press statement, she wrote the track about the physical build-up that happens during dysfunctional relationships, and its terrific music video highlights a positive way to release the pressure valve.

It begins with Von D meeting up with her bandmates for practice only to realize that they're all dealing with stressful relationship issues of their own. Instead of making them play through it, the singer loads everyone into a '57 Chevy and drives them out to middle of the desert where she has a bunch of delicate glass creations waiting to be wrecked by spiked bats. 

Cathartic destruction ensues, and it's so goddamn fun to watch. Check it out above via YouTube. 

"I wanted to create a storyline that exemplifies violence in a way that was therapeutic and not self destructive," Von D says of the visual. "I wrote and directed this video to tell the story of not only the pain of heartbreak, but the power of the support from the friends around you."

"There's nothing more satisfying to watch than slow motion shots of the destruction of something so delicate and beautiful," she adds. 

Love Made Me Do It is out August 27th and it features appearances from Dave Grohl, Linda Perry, Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails collaborator Danny Lohner and more. It's available for pre-order here