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See Kid Band Crush Cover of Pantera's "Drag the Waters"

O'Keefe Foundation performers, ages 8 to 17, do Cowboys From Hell proud

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The O'Keefe Foundation kids are back and grooving harder than ever with their latest heavy-metal cover, taking on Pantera's 1996 slow-burner "Drag the Waters." Comprising of kids ages 8 to 17, the six-person lineup includes Taylor Jade Campbell (8) on cowbell, Hunter Hallberg (14) on lead guitar, Noah Williams (14) on rhythm guitar, Tyler Halverson (15) on vocals, Justin Laroche (17) on drums, and Bailey Couch (17) on bass. The O'Keefe youngsters' previous efforts include another Pantera classic, "I'm Broken," and, more recently, a preciously raucous take on White Zombie banger "Thunderkiss '65." 

If you enjoyed the young crew's creations and want to support the organization's excellent cause of continuing the tradition of rock & roll and musical education, the O'Keefe Music Foundation accepts donations in order to keep running. "The recording sessions, the vinyl records, the posters, the music videos ... all of this is FREE for the students," states the group's pledge page, with different cash denominations listed, as well as a custom donation option. In the words of the organization, "Art gives voice to our dreams — and live music performance is becoming a dying art." But far from dead yet, judging from this video above.