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See Kids Cover Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed," Destroy Suburban Home

9-year-old crushes vocals while hordes of children in hazmat suits wreak havoc

Look out, Corey Taylor, there's a new kid on the block. Literally. Nine-year-old vocalist Chase Beckham delivers an utterly crushing performance of Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" in the latest video from the O'Keefe Music Foundation, whose students have previously performed everything from Rammstein's "Du Hast" to Pantera's "I'm Broken." 

Along with his all-kid bandmates, whose ages range from 10 to just 17, the promising young star in the making busts through the heavy-as-fuck song from the Iowa maniacs' 1999 debut with the precision of a vocalist twice his age. His voice is still as high as you'd expect from a nine-year-old boy, but he has a great grasp on the song's complicated melody and even nails the key change during the final hook — and also unleashes a scorching scream to close it out. 

The rest of the band are awesome too, with 10-year-old Willa H. adding eerie piano flourishes and 12-year-old lead guitarist Seb Braganza writing his own absolutely face-melting solo. Beyond the music itself, the video features hordes of kids in hazmat suits and gas masks raging on a quiet neighborhood street — spraypainting, climbing on roofs and cheering as a bulldozer takes down a tree. 

Watch the whole thing go down above via YouTube and try not to feel bad about whatever you considered an accomplishment in elementary school. 

In addition to churning out heartwarming, family-friendly renditions of metal classics, the O'Keefe Music Foundation provides free music education to children and adolescents. Find out more about the organization, buy their music and, if you can, make a donation over their official website.