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See King Woman Singer Wield Sword to Slay Monsters in Dalmatian's Eerie New Video

Kris Esfandiari's rap alter-ego debuts Halloween single "Friday the 13th"

Kris Esfandiari is an artist of many personas, eight to be precise. Her best known is the husky-voiced singer of doom-metal band King Woman, but there's also the depressive shoegazing solo project Miserable and the confrontational industrial-goth outfit Nghtcrwlr. She says, however, that "her most prized persona" is Dalmatian, a hazy, lysergic underground rap endeavor with a penchant for releasing singles on Halloween. The project's debut cut, "Pain Threshold," premiered last All Hallows Eve, and today (October 31st 2020), she's teamed with Revolver to unleash its follow-up, "Friday the 13th," along with the song's cinematic, horror-themed music video, directed by Tyler Bradberry. Watch and listen above.

"I'm slowly finalizing my full-length album featuring JRAL and Elkk," Esfandiari tells us. "The plan is to unveil more about Dalmatian by 2021 through a series of videos and comics.

"'Friday the 13th' is a story about an empath whose heart falls prey to a malignant narcissist. Once the emotional aftershock subsides, the victim recounts their experience while activating the power of an ancient entity whose sword wields the power to destroy psychic torment. I came up with this song last Halloween but didn't finish it until recently. It seems as though many people I've spoken to have experienced this type of vampiric, masked character. Should you come out on the other end of encountering such insidiousness, the pain has potential to serve as a bridge for deep-healing of core wounds and a greater understanding of self."