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See King Woman's Blood-Smeared Video for New Song "Psychic Wound"

NSFW visual from Kristina Esfandiari's new album 'Celestial Blues'

Revolver has teamed with King Woman for an exclusive "metallic silver" vinyl variant of her new album Celestial Blues. Order yours before they're gone!

Earlier this month, King Woman announced her sophomore album, Celestial Blues, and shared its eerie first single, "Morning Star." The track waded in the ethereal doomgaze territory that King Woman mastermind Kristina Esfandiari is known for, but the second single she's sharing from the project takes the intensity up a level. 

For its first half, "Psychic Wound" features a trudging guitar lick and Esfandiari's muttery vocals layered creepily atop one another, interspersed with panicked gasps. As the song continues onward, the atmosphere becomes darker and more suffocating, the guitars chuggier and noisier, and Esfandiari's voice more painful and harried as she desperately shrieks the phrase, "Feeling like a psychic wound."

Its accompanying NSFW video, directed by Muted Widows, cuts between shots of Esfandiari laying dream-like on white tile and disturbing clips of her on the same surface, smeared in blood while other people's slimy ligaments rub all over her. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"'Psychic Wound' is about paying the price for eating forbidden fruit," Esfandiari commented. "When desire turns into obsession it can keep you longer than you intended to stay and nearly destroy your sanity."

Celestial Blues is due out July 30th via Relapse Records. Revolver has an exclusive vinyl variant on "metallic silver" wax that's limited to 250 copies. Order yours here before they're gone. 

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