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See King Woman's Luciferian Video for New Song "Morning Star"

Kristina Esfandiari performs doomgaze ballet in eerie visual

King Woman is returning to the throne. The solo project of musician Kristina Esfandiari has announced that her long-awaited sophomore album, Celestial Blues, will arrive later this summer, and she's offered up a Luciferian preview in the form of a new song called "Morning Star." 

The track itself is another reliably gorgeous slice of dense doom instrumentation and soothing shoegaze vocals, which swirl together into a magnificent storm during the resounding final chorus. In the video, Esfandiari dons the malevolent outfit of a fallen angel and twirls around an abandoned building with a lit cigarette in-hand. It's essentialy doomgaze ballet and it's fucking cool as hell. Check it out above via YouTube. 

"Morning Star" is the first single from Celestial Blues, which follows King Woman's 2017 debut, Created in the Image of Suffering. The record was once again produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Amenra, Oathbreaker) and features instrumentation from drummer Joseph Raygoza and guitarist Peter Arensdorf.

"Creating this album has brought me great peace and closure," Esfandiari said in a statement. "Grateful to finally share it with all of you."

Celestial Blues is due out July 30th via Relapse Records. Snag pre-orders here and check out the artwork and track listing below. 

King Woman Celestial Blues artwork

Celestial Blues track listing:
"Celestial Blues"
"Morning Star"
"Psychic Wound"
"Paradise Lost"