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See KISS Play "Concert for Great White Sharks" in Australia

Gods of thunder braved sea monsters of the great down under

"They came, we saw, we ROCKED!!! We partied all day with KISS!!!" So said the Australian tour company Adventure Bay Charters, who hosted the platform-wearing rock & roll demons for a very special event earlier today, November 18th. The band performed (minus Paul Stanley sadly, who is currently ill) to eight lucky (human) fans and untold great white sharks while sailing in the Indian Ocean.

As explained when the bizarre announcement of the gig came last month, the underwater beasts are apparently drawn to heavy music, much like that which KISS have cranked out when they weren't busy making disco hits. The much-hyped show was held in conjunction with Airbnb to promote their new "Animal Experiences" venture.

"Well, I would say it's one of the most unusual, eclectic things we ever did, that's for sure," drummer Eric Singer told local TV station News First (see video above). "It was kind of throwing us a little bit even though we were in a cove. There were some sea lions jumping around, stuff like that." 

The handful of fans who were able to join were thrilled to meet their idols and pose for pictures before the boats launched and also talked to the news channel about their experience. Footage interspersed throughout pulling back the veil a bit, showing KISS on one smaller boat just in front of the fan boat, performing in full stage gear with even a small smoke machine set up to get a true concert effect. Watch the TV news report above to see what went down.