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See Korn Cover Slayer's "South of Heaven" at German Festival In 2000

Nu-metal band played a sturdy rendition of the thrash classic at Rock im Park

Korn don't sound anything like Slayer. In fact, the style of groovy, mid-tempo, eerie alt-metal that the Bakersfield group pioneered in the early Nineties is the exact type of heavy music that supplanted thrash in the metal zeitgeist — causing some of the old-school heshers to start experimenting with younger sounds throughout the Nineties (like Slayer's controversial flirtation with nu-metal on 1998's Diablos En Musica).

But that doesn't mean Korn aren't fans of Slayer, and during one of their performances in 2000, in front of tens of thousands of fans at Germany's Rock im Park fest, the nu-metal group busted out an impressively tight instrumental cover of the title-track from Slayer's 1988 classic, South of Heaven.

For whatever reason, vocalist Jonathan Davis wasn't onstage for this one, so it was just the other four band members holding shit down, but it's still super cool to see them playing a track that many fans would probably consider out of their wheelhouse. See pro-shot footage above via YouTube.