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See Korn Open Up About Playing 'The Nothing' Songs Live: "Shit Still Hurts"

Bakersfield veterans launch docuseries looking back on 2019

Capping off a banner year in which they co-headlined a big summer tour with Alice in Chains then dropped one of the best records of their career, Korn have launched a retrospective docuseries that dives deep into the alt-metal godfathers' 2019 LP, The Nothing, and the turbulence and triumph around it. 

Episode one gives plenty of insight, including a look at the Bakersfield boys' current stage setup, showing off the large plexiglass cubes that light up and change the atmosphere onstage to match the undercurrents of each song. Brian "Head" Welch enthuses, "[It's] the best since I've been back in Korn." Singer Jonathan Davis chimes in, "It's just something you have to see, and it's an experience that you'll take away going, you know, 'That was an amazing show.'"

The band then speak their deep connection with and appreciation for their fans, with Head noting, "Every night the crowd's just in awe and they're wild. I know that they feel the heartbeat of Korn. They feel it for us, we feel it for them." Guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer adds, "Especially in this stage of our career, I can't express the gratitude." 

Narrowing the focus to the album's lead single "You'll Never Find Me," the group individually address the emotional aspects of playing the song live since it directly relates to the death of Jonathan Davis' wife Devin. "The lyrics just get me, man," says Head. "He was such in grief." Understandably, the pain is still very fresh for Davis and takes an emotional toll on the performer each time the band plays the song onstage. "Shit still hurts," he admits, going on to explain that sometimes he has to take a short pause after singing "You'll Never Find Me." "It really does. I just went through a lot." 

Watch above, and stay tuned for episode two.