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See Korn Play Crazy Virtual Concert in 'AdventureQuest 3D,' 'AQ Worlds' Video Games

Bakersfield nu-metal crew tears up "stage" while players lay waste to monsters, win loot

"Get in the most brutal mosh pit ever... and make video game history!" touted a press release announcing Korn's virtual reality performance inside the AdventureQuest 3D and 2D AdventureQuest worlds that happened yesterday, August 20th, at sundown (EST). In the game, the Bakersfield rockers' animated likenesses took the stage at the game's Battle Concert Arena while players fought monsters, scored game loot, and heard three of the band's hits including the lead single from coming album The Nothing, "You'll Never Find Me." There's even a backstage interview segment (see below) featuring singer Jonathan Davis' avatar speaking on the new album with phrases like, "The band worked hard and came up with some really cool stuff." 

The game's maker Artix offered up a paid package that let players acquire a backstage pass and the chance to take an avatar "selfie" with band members. There was also a "magical concert ticket" discoverable in the game play that transported players directly into the event. Watch the clips above to see the enthused crowd as they slay their way through the mosh pit all while cartoon Korn bounce around on the lit-from-below, monstrous stage setup as they whip through the tunes. The Nothing is out September 13th via Roadrunner Records. 

Set list: 

1. Freak On A Leash
2. You'll Never Find Me
3. Rotting In Vain