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See Lars Ulrich, Jerry Cantrell Talk Friendship, Drunken Hijinks, Alice in Chains

Metallica drummer interviews AIC guitarist on Beats 1 show 'It's Electric!'

For his Apple Music Beat 1 show It's Electric!, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently interviewed his longtime friend Jerry Cantrell, singer and guitarist for Seattle grunge pioneers Alice in Chains. The two talked about not only their relationship as colleagues and cohorts, but also dove deep into the recording of AIC's latest full-length Rainier Fog in their hometown, as well as the writing process with the group's newest member, co-vocalist William Duvall, and Cantrell's feelings on living and working in Los Angeles versus Seattle.

When Ulrich commented on the band's seemingly instant camaraderie with Duvall, Cantrell explained, "I had gotten sober, that probably helped me deal with people a little bit better and kind of take a bigger picture and maybe be a little bit more compassionate." He then added, in relation to original lead singer Layne Staley's death, "There is a primalness of losing someone like that. That key to you. That doesn't go away either. And those feelings don't either." 

Later, Ulrich brought up Cantrell's decision to reunite the band back in 2005. He asked the singer-guitarist, "Did you feel you were ready to get Alice back together because William was the right guy? Or did you feel it was time to get Alice back together and then you found William as the right guy?" Cantrell responds that it was the latter, and Alice in Chains worked with several other musicians before settling on Duvall, including former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo and Heart's Ann Wilson. 

Recording in Los Angeles versus Seattle then pops up, with Ulrich inquiring why the group waited until now to head home to work. "It was just practical," explains Cantrell. "It wasn't really a whole lot of thought other than it just makes sense to be here. We get a good rate. A&M always takes care of us or Hansen as it's called now. But that seems to be the home base. We always seem to end up there." 

Check out highlights from the hour-long conversation above and below, and hear the whole thing for free on iTunes when it debuts this Sunday, February 10th at 6 p.m. EST.