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See Limp Bizkit Cover Prince's "1999" on MTV New Year's Eve in 1999

Nu-metal group partied "like it's 1999" during high-octane performance

In 1998, it wasn't out of the ordinary to see a band like Limp Bizkit on MTV. They had achieved a new level of fame thanks to their cover of George Michael's "Faith" becoming a massive hit, and with the release of 1999's Significant Other, they became one of the most popular bands in America, selling more than seven million copies. With the band's popularity on the rise, MTV hosted a performance from the group on its New Year's Eve special, just before Y2K panic had begun gripping the country.

The band joined a lineup of performers that included Green Day, Method Man and Everlast, along with house DJ Kid Rock. And to ring in the new year, Limp Bizkit chose an occasionally appropriate song to cover — Prince's "1999".

Limp Bizkit put their own nu-metal spin on the song, adding some nastier groove to Prince's new-wave funk original, getting a little more down and dirty with the crowd-pleasing hit. "Let me see them hands!" says frontman Fred Durst as the song starts up. "Do you feel it? If you feel it, get up, c'mon get up!" 

Watch the performance above via YouTube.