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See Lorna Shore's Video for Staggering New Song "Pain Remains II"

Second part of emotionally devastating, album-ending trilogy

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We're inching closer and closer to the release of Lorna Shore's massively-anticipated new album, Pain Remains, which is shaping up to be the most talked-about deathcore album of 2022. The full thing drops on October 14th, and we've already heard four singles — "Sun//Eater," "Into the Earth," "Cursed to Die" and "Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames" — but the current Revolver cover stars are back with another helping today (September 29th).

Titled "Pain Remains II: After All I've Done, I'll Disappear," it's the second part in an album-ending trilogy that has the potential to be the most moving and musically inspiring thing Lorna Shore have ever done. "Pain Remains II" bumps up the black-metal influence on their sound to the point where there're parts of this that genuinely sound more like a symphonic black-metal band than a deathcore group. 

Like the first part, the video for this song is emotionally crushing and beautifully shot. Watch and listen above via YouTube.

Pain Remains is out October 14th via Century Media and you can pre-order the vinyl from our shop.