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See Lorna Shore's Will Ramos Join Nik Nocturnal for Vicious Cover of Chelsea Grin's "Recreant"

Star frontman and metal YouTuber offer crushing makeover of deathcore classic

Deathcore is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance right now, thanks to bands like Brand of Sacrifice, AngelMaker and Lorna Shore who're pushing the genre forward without writing off the bands who came before them. For those who were around during its initial explosion during the late 2000s, it's hard to believe that a song like Chelsea Grin's "Recreant" is basically considered "vintage deathcore" at this point, so it's exciting to see that Lorna Shore frontman Will Ramos has teamed with YouTuber Nik Nocturnal to give the song a stupidly brutal makeover for the modern day. 

Ramos became one of the genre's new faces last year when he used his first song with Lorna Shore, the demonic "To the Hellfire," to unleash animalistic screeches that were far scarier and more primal sounding than many of his predecessors' most tortured screams. Before that, though, he was a notorious YouTube figure in the scene, performing brilliantly on-point  covers of songs from throughout deathcore's playbook, so he was particularly suited to take on this Chelsea Grin standout that appeared on their 2010 debut, Desolation of Eden.

Naturally, Ramos' vocals are fucking insane, and Nocturnal does a killer job laying down the guitar tracks. Check out the professionally recorded and filmed reinvention above via YouTube. 

Below, watch Ramos talk Whitechapel, In Flames, personal loss, lyric-writing and much more during an appearance on our "Fan First" podcast.