See Loss Becomes' Wild, Stunt-Filled, Star-Studded Video for "Healing" | Revolver

See Loss Becomes' Wild, Stunt-Filled, Star-Studded Video for "Healing"

Featuring cameos from Killswitch Engage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Fit for an Autopsy and more

Scene: New York City metal outfit Loss Becomes' drummer Alec Kossoff is late to band practice again. The guys have had enough — it's the last straw — and try out some replacements. Knowing his job is in peril, Kossoff has to get there the fastest way and means possible, pulling every flip and secret move he has... but all is against him.

That's all for good fun and the acting cameos from Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach, Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman, Fit for an Autopsy's Tim Howley and Jynx's Justin Whang are downright hilarious. But the reality? Kossoff is actually a professional stuntman when he's not behind the kit. Do yourself a favor and check out their stunning new song and music video for "Healing" above. It will have you hitting rewind.

Revolver asked Kossoff about his history in stunt performing and how this crazy awesome idea worked it's way into the video. He told us: "Before becoming a metal musician, I grew up as an acrobat/gymnast. Over the years that specific skill-set has put me in some really unique situations. I've performed for the NBA, Barack Obama's inauguration, the 2017 film The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman, and most recently, as a stunt performer in NYC, which I do full time."

"As it relates to the video, we were riding in a car one day and Brian [Tsao, guitarist] turned to me and suggested, 'Hey do you want to do a video where you're just doing backflips forever?' My immediate thought was, Absolutely not. But the more I stewed on it, the more this concept sort of formed in my head. I've been known to be very ADHD and impulsive in my life and sometimes that translates as: 'late to band practice.' So I thought it would be funny if I were late to a band practice, but as I was trying to get there, literally everything goes wrong.

"In the video, I get hit by a car, which requires someone with experience behind the wheel to execute without anyone getting hurt. I brought in a fellow stunt performer friend, Nancy Cantine, to help me plan and execute the gags and they all turned out so great! It's also an honor to be able to combine my passions as both a drummer and a stunt performer."

As for the cameos, bassist Will Gomez had a blast working with Howley. "He plays a drunken character he calls Jim. It was pretty hilarious and we all know Tim doesn't drink, which made it even funnier. The beginning of our scene begins with a firm handshake which was a total homage to one of my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Predator, 'Dylan… you son of a bitch!'"

Vocalist Anthony Copozzi adds, "Everyone was really easy to work with. Jesse, Ben, Tim and Justin really had fun with it and killed it. This was the easiest and funnest video I've ever been a part of. I can't express enough how much fun I had."

You can grab "Healing" here.