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See Love Go Very Wrong in Nicole Dollanganger's Bloody New "Lemonade" Video

Code Orange– and Full of Hell–approved singer/songwriter gets gory in cinematic clip

Expanding upon the 2015 song "Lemonade" featured on her EP Greta Gibson Forever, eerie child-voiced chanteuse Nicole Dollanganger has released a cinematic video for the updated version of the track, which is set to appear on her forthcoming sixth full-length, Heart Shaped Bed, due October 26thThe clip features Dollanganger all dressed up in her bridal best alongside the cheating husband from the lyrics (played by Trapped Under Ice's Justice Tripp), looking somber together, as she delivers verses on his infidelities and her call to a lover of her own, asking him to come over and help her even the score in her adulterous union.

Directed by frequent Grimes collaborator Mac Boucher and Dollanganger herself, the clip ends with the tortured lovers' gruesome demise in an idyllic white bathtub. The blood-soaked couple lounges lifelessly among an abandoned setting, seemingly consumed by their mutual toxicity. Dollanganger, who played shows with Code Orange this summer, explained to The Fader, "I always thought of 'Lemonade' as an evil song hiding under a soft sound, so I wanted its video counterpart to be something darker, but still through the gaze of the same scorned lovers. We shot in these very delicate and beautiful ruins we'd happened across accidentally, and it was an all around strange experience, but I think something very cool was captured."

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