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See Lucifena and Volumes' Myke Terry Fight Inner Demons in New "Depression" Video

Producer Morgoth Beatz pushes trap-metal sound with real instruments

Back in October, we premiered the crimson-stained music video for "Falling," a standout cut from Lucifena and Morgoth Beatz's joint album, Mood Swings, that just so happens to feature Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson as well as Bad Omens singer Noah Sebastian. Today (March 20th), we've teamed with the pair again to unleash "Depression," a hard-hitting new single that sees the vocalist and producer enlisting the talents of Volume frontman Myke Terry and pushing their sound beyond trap-metal beats and into organic rock instrumentation. The song arrives paired with a slick music video, which was directed by Astral Media and also stars Terry. Watch and listen above.

"I wanted us to make a song that had the vibe of a full band instead of doing a hip-hop metal-kinda blend," says producer Morgoth Beatz, a.k.a. Winds of Plague guitarist Michael Montoya. "I wrote the instrumental for this song awhile ago and even recorded Myke's guest vocal first. I showed Lucifena the song and she loved it. Just because you're a solo artist does mean you can't make music that sounds like a band. My guess is a lot more solo artists from the alternative hip-hop world are going to be doing this more and more."

"This type of song is something I've been wanting to do for a while," Lucifena enthuses. "It's not a trap-metal beat — it's real instruments and it brings me back to my roots." Those roots include screaming in the now-defunct post-hardcore group You Only Live Once.

Of the single's lyrics (which you can read below), she adds, "This song is about when you can't help but feel like you're descending and trying to defeat the low. The world is in a state where it's economically collapsing and it's also mentally affecting everyone. Depression is something everyone goes through and it can destroy you, if you let it. This song is a reflection of that external and internal struggle."

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"Depression" lyrics:
Anxiety gets the best of me 
As I sink and drown in fear 
Lost in the abyss 
That's where I live in darkness 
No one left 
Everyone I know goes away in the end 

I feel myself descend 
Is this even real 

An empty mind 
Trying to find a meaning in life 

Suicide running through my brain
I'm on the bed holding on the blade
Close my eyes see my mothers face 
Then I stop and walk away