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See Mötley Crüe Blow Up "Stupid" No-More-Tours Contract in New Reunion Teaser

Machine Gun Kelly ushers in sleaze-metal band's promise-breaking return

It was confirmed earlier today that Mötley Crüe are set to return to the road in 2020 despite signing of a "cessation of touring agreement" five years ago that was supposedly legally binding and prevented the group from ever doing so together again. Now, in a dramatic new video narrated by Machine Gun Kelly, the band don't just renege on that agreement, but they blow it to smithereens. 

Kelly, who played Tommy Lee in The Dirt — the Netflix Crüe biopic that led to a huge resurgence in interest in the band earlier this year — proclaims in the teaser, "In 2014, Mötley Crüe announced their final tour, putting an end to almost 35 years on the road. To make it official, they signed an unprecedented contract." As he speaks, footage of the band's press junket where they signed the document plays, showing the group looking confident in their decision as they pose for the cameras.

Kelly continues, discussing how newly inflamed hordes of fans have "demanded the band tear up that stupid contract and come out of retirement." This is where the video takes a particularly melodramatic turn: The rapper says, "They knew that if they were ever to stand onstage together again, that contract would have to be destroyed. Well, destruction has never been an issue for Mötley Crüe." Then comes a multilayered explosion, in which the contract — and the office containing it — is destroyed in an absurd, theatrical moment of the kind of excess characteristic of Crüe. Watch above if you like a little tension, a good amount of fire and to hear the news straight from the horse's mouth: Mötley Crüe are back.