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See Machine Gun Kelly Get Booed by Slipknot Fans at Metal Festival

Rapper-turned-pop-punker met with middle fingers at first show since dissing Corey Taylor
MGK Scott Legato/Getty Images, Scott Legato/Getty Images
Machine Gun Kelly
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Last year, Machine Gun Kelly released an album called Tickets to My Downfall, and now Slipknot fans are making sure the show goes on as planned.

On Saturday night (September 25th), the rapper-turned-pop-punker played his first performance since he dissed Slipknot on stage at Riot Fest last week, called out Corey Taylor on Twitter and subsequently caught the wrath of the Iowa ringleader. The set went down at the metal-based Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, and the crowd was filled with angry maggots who disparaged MGK with resounding boos and seas of middle fingers

In footage from the set posted to social media, a sizable portion of the audience can be see flipping off and aggressively booing the 31-year-old while he attempts to do awkward banter between songs. In one clip, MGK asks the tech to turn the lights on the crowd so he can see them and then makes a cringey dick joke while choruses of boos fill the stadium. 

In another, MGK actually addresses a heckler by going on another salty rant about his "weird outfit," echoing the "weird mask" comment he made about Slipknot that ignited this whole feud in the first place. 

"I see you dude, I see you mad as fuck in your little fucking weird outfit," he's heard saying to a fan while people continue to boo. "I'm here for the same shit you're here for [the music], it's all good. Clearly I ain't going nowhere, so just enjoy." Eventually, he pulls out a toy light-saber and says to the heckler, "You keep fucking with me homie, I'm a trained Jedi, bitch. What the fuck are you going to do now?" 

At another point in the show, MGK tried jumping into the crowd to sing one of his songs and video shows him getting pushed back by people at the railing and dragged away by security while someone yells, "Fuck him up!"

Clearly, a decent portion of the audience was not having it. Hopefully, MGK learned his lesson about starting beef with one of the biggest metal bands in the world.