See Machine Head's Re-Formed Lineup Slam Through Sludgy Banger "A Thousand Lies" | Revolver

See Machine Head's Re-Formed Lineup Slam Through Sludgy Banger "A Thousand Lies"

'Burn My Eyes' alum Chris Kontos, Logan Mader join Robb Flynn for re-recording of debut album

In continuing their professionally shot, re-recorded versions of 25-year-old debut album Burn My Eyes, Machine Head and their re-formed lineup from the era have released a play-through video for the leaden track "A Thousand Lies." 

The stunning performance shows the musicians' tightly honed skills and obvious chemistry. The song leans into the groove-metal sound that was so prominent when it came out in 1994, alongside other heavy hitters of the day like Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity. Slightly more relaxed as to draw out the syrupy heaviness, this performance really highlights the gruff edge front man Robb Flynn has gained through age and experience – an added bonus to the growth on display in the band's playing. 

Drawing out the extended slow-down of the tune's closing, each member smirks gleefully as they drag out each terror-filled note, seemingly in awe of their ability to not only recreate the magic they held in 1994 but somehow making it sound even better than the original. By the time the last note comes to an abrupt halt, Flynn can be heard in the background laughing, shouting out "slooow," then giving a solid yell at the end. 

Promising "More play-through video's [sic] to follow" from this session at Sharbite Studios in California, the group will bring out the record in full for a 25-year anniversary tour kicking off October 5th in Germany. Check out a full list of dates and see their first taste of the releases here with their rage-filled "Davidian" performance.