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See Man Face Unseen Evil in Video for Mark Morton's Song With Chester Bennington

Hard-hitting single "Cross Off" gets sleek, spooky clip

Following the March 1st release of his first solo record, Anesthetic, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has now unveiled a video for the album's single "Cross Off" featuring late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. The song debuted at No. 18 on the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.

Sleekly lit with a foreboding atmosphere, the video features an unnamed protagonist in a parking garage squaring up against an invisible force that pummels and abuses him through a series of unexpected blows and knock downs, never revealing itself but leaving our hero beaten and broken. A nearby security guard is clueless to the events, and when the character is eventually killed by the demonic presence, a creepy Doppelganger emerges from the trunk of his car in a cloud of smoke and strolls out past the guard undetected. 

The idea fighting your own invisible demons is evident in the performance footage sprinkled throughout, as well. Morton can be seen shredding away with his backing band, but stark flashes of an unmanned microphone where Bennington would stand is a solemn reminder of what happens when that battle is lost. Morton told Revolver last month, "Sometimes you write with people, and there's this kind of awkwardness: You don't want to hurt their feelings or offend them, and you're not sure if they like your idea and they're just being nice ... it wasn't there with Chester."

Below, see Mark Morton discuss the riffs he's proudest of, including the riff to "Cross Off":