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See Marilyn Manson's Stripped-Down "Sweet Dreams" With X Japan at Coachella

Antichrist Superstar joined Japan's biggest metal band for piano rendition of Eurythmics cover

Marilyn Manson joined Japanese metal icons X Japan during their second appearance at Cochella yesterday, April 21st. The Antichrist Superstar teamed with the band's founder Yoshiki for a stark, piano-accompanied rendition of his hit Eurythmics cover, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."

As Manson's first-ever appearance at the Indio, California, festival, the onstage collaboration marked a small, but nonetheless notable, milestone for the shock rocker, who suggested that he'd been barred from performing at Coachella in his Instagram post announcing the guest spot earlier this week. "I never thought I would play at a festival I was banned from," Manson wrote. He and his team have yet to divulge the reason for the alleged ban.

Manson isn't the only noteworthy artist X Japan have brought out during their first-ever Coachella stint. The previous Saturday's show found the stalwarts bringing out Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, Guns N' Roses axeman Richard Fortus, and Miya of the Japanese visual kei band MUCC for an eight-person take on their classic song "X." Both sets featured hologram versions of HIDE and TAIJI, the group's late guitarist and bassist, respectively.

The band is planning to release a long-gestating, several-times-delayed new record that's "99 percent in English," on the backs of a documentary on the group's strange history, We Are X. "This album is going to change our lives," Yoshiki told us when we interviewed him last year.