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See Mastodon and Neurosis Singer Scott Kelly Play Wild Set in Tiny Dive Bar

Pro-shot footage captures raucous collaboration at London bar Blondie's

Savannah progressive sludge rockers Mastodon joined Neurosis front man and frequent collaborator Scott Kelly for a powerfully leaden mini-set performed for just 50 people inside tiny London bar Blondie's. The pairing goes way back, with Kelly guesting on six songs across their records and joining the group for one song on each tour stop for their 2017 European tour.

Packed into a tiny corner of the bar with very little room to even move about, the quintet shredded through a six-track set that spanned 15 years of the Georgia outfit's career. Kelly's signature gruff delivery meshed seamlessly with the voracious vocals of Mastodon's shared singing duties and despite their cramped quarters (or maybe because of them), the pairing was natural and effortless. 


More recent tracks from 2017 album Emperor of Sand and 2014's Once More Round the Sun were heavy highlights the kept the set brief and away from the meandering tendencies of their more progressive work. But the heaviest and most crowd-pleasing segues came when the band pulled out two tracks from 2004 classic album Leviathan; the announcement of the set's closer "Blood and Thunder" elicited quite the response from the packed-in crowd who enjoyed the songs nearly face-to-face with the band. 

See the full set above, and check out what the Mastodon guys have been up to on tour in updates from drummer Brann Dailor and bassist Troy Sanders.

Track list: 

Scorpion Breath
Aqua Dementia
Crack The Skye
Diamond In The Witch House
 Crystal Skull
Blood And Thunder

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